Canyon Records

Branding | Print Design | Web Design

Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona, one of the oldest independent record labels in the music industry, is a producer and distributor of Native American music. With one win for Primeaux & Mike’s Bless the People, Canyon Records albums have received 32 GRAMMY® nominations in four categories. Nile Graphics has been creating CD designs for Canyon Records for the last 20 years and has designed over 200 albums to date.

Our team designed and built the website and delivered it to an audience of world music fans. The website was launched in a series of phases. The initial Canyon Records site launched alongside multiple Native American News sites with content that started the project, raised awareness, and introduced a simple device for tracking each phase.

Phase 1 – This release immersed the user within the Canyon Records website and provided in-depth Native American information. The site was further updated with up-to-the-minute Tweets and an option to register for the latest news.

Phase 2 – It incorporated gallery updates, artist video podcasts, and studio preparation news and events.

Ongoing – Featuring album designs that exceed previous years’ designs, with Grammy nominations in mind, and its multi-site marketing strategy is updated with footage and news of Canyon artists in actual recording sessions and latest up-to-the-minute news articles.